For years I have built for other guitar shops and have traveled coast to coast in pursuit of my craft. It began out west with Santa Cruz Guitars and brought me back east with Tippin Guitars. At Santa Cruz I was involved in all aspects of their box department. Carving tops, bending cutaways, binding, sanding, assembly. While at Tippin's shop I further expanded upon these core techniques to include more modern features such as arm bevels, sound ports and fan frets. I was also involved in a wide variety of repairs and restorations on instruments ranging from vintage to boutique. While building for these shops during the day, I worked on my own guitars on nights and weekends.

Ten years of hard work have paid off as I have finally settled into my very own full-time shop here in Lynn, MA just north of Boston. My shop offers full repair and restoration services along with building hollowbody electric and steel-string acoustic guitars. You are welcome to check out the miniBlog to see what's on my bench each week and also the main Blog for more in-depth articles.

A deep passion for music fuels my love of working with musicians, be it building a custom guitar or dialing in an instrument to lock in with their unique playing style. I also photograph musicians playing around the Boston area when I can find time to get out of the shop.

I encourage you to contact me as I would love to learn about your own musical experiences. Helping people is what I truly enjoy and I would be honored if I could be of any assistance to you along your path.

Kevin Chubbuck

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